BYD Forklift is the Ideal Solution to the problems faced by Traditional Forklift

It is a known fact that challenges associated with the unconventional forklift such as LP and electric forklift are unprecedented, back-breaking and very devastating. At the onset we were all happy with the introduction of electric forklift due to the fact that it helps to eliminate the cost of high monthly fuel bill, fleet maintenance costs, and significantly reduced the emissions given off from your forklift fleet just to mention a few. Furthermore, the emergence of electric forklift came as a great hope owing to the additional batteries and chargers usually included in the package.

Regrettably, recent experience has shown that the disadvantages of using these electric forklifts significantly overwhelmed the benefits.

This became crystal clear after one year of usage of electric forklift by so many operators.

Recently, we have had situations where an overwhelming numbers of forklift operators had been failing in their duty to water their forklift batteries as usual on weekly basis. This failure is being justified by their inability to unscrew the cell caps and the danger of putting their face close to the battery to check the water levels. They also emphasized that precious time that could have been channelled into forklift productive activities are wasted in trying to ascertain the water level of the cells. In order to salvage this situation you may need an additional investment on a single point watering system for all your forklifts batteries including battery watering cart to fill them. Though, this may not be a guarantee of top-notch performance for your forklift as they are likely to develop issues in the nearest future.

You could imagine three years down into single point watering system, it begins to malfunction due to sediment forming blockage of water from flowing through the tubes. Now, the operators have to manually to check the battery water levels and add some water as may be required from time to time. This apparently will again cause operators to be ever nagging in watering their batteries at the appropriate time after charging which may result in overflow. During overflow, if proper measures are not taken swiftly the batteries may become filthy and start to indicate lower run time owing to acid loss. Back to square one, an additional investment in monthly battery washes to prevent corrosion of your forklift battery cover as well as forklift battery tray.

Life may seem good again after some years with the additional investment on single watering system of your forklift battery. The next complain now revolves round inability of the batteries to make a complete shift. This calls for replacement of bad cells in your batteries frequently. Annoyingly, as you change one cell so does another one park up beckoning on you for replacement as soon as possible. This seems like unstoppable changing game. As time flies the situation of your forklift battery continues to generate more problem than you could imagine.



All the Imbroglio and madness associated with traditional forklift could be simply overcome by converting your forklift fleet to BYD forklift. BYD forklift is designed with cutting edge technology to overcome the headaches, hassles, maintenance and safety concerns associated with traditional forklift discussed above.



Designed to utilize Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) rather than depending on acid technology.


This phosphate battery allows LONGER and MORE DURABLE run times, more than any lead acid battery owing to the chemistry compound being used to allow the unit to perform effectively. It basically eliminates the tendencies of battery swapping as same battery can be used across multiple shifts by utilizing opportunity charging when available. It is worthy to note that opportunity charging has no single harmful effect on the overall life of the battery and also eliminate any equalization charging and cool down period associated with acid batteries. 


Amazing BYD forklift battery requires just 90 minutes achieving a full charging. Watering your battery? Not Anymore! The BYD forklift battery requires no watering forever to function optimally, and this is again due to the chemistry compound found in the Iron Phosphate battery and its ability to manage its heat. The battery itself can still be found underneath the hood but is absolutely sealed container, therefore eliminating the need for any type of battery washes.

On top of eliminating all of the maintenance headaches associated with lead acid batteries BYD went even one step further by designing their battery to have at least 65% of its life left after a mind blowing 10 years. Without any iota of doubt BYD as a leading brand in the industry offers the best warranty covering 5 years full battery replacement.


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