Heli Lithium Forklift, another batch have arrived Singapore into YKT.

Another batch of Heli Lithium Forklift had arrived into Singapore last week. Y K Toh Marketing (S) Pte Ltd, had been leading in converting the usage of Lithium Forklift from Traditional Diesel and Lead Acid Forklift. 

This red bright and shiny forklift is Heli's Lithium Forklift. Many forklift users and owners in Singapore still do not have full knowledge of advanteges from using lithium forklift. So lets us refresh everybody's knowledge once again. 

The advantages of Lithium Forklift as below:

  1. Saves your operating cost of forklift from 45% to 75% (lowest operating cost in market)
  2. Fast charging (fully charged in 2 hours)
  3. Opportunity charging (charge any time)
  4. Long Life Cycle (10 Years Battery Life with still 70% performance remaining)
  5. Zero Maintenance (No Battery Maintenance Needed)
  6. Zero Emission (Healthier Work Environment)
  7. High Efficiency