Y K Toh Marketing (S) Pte Ltd endeavors to become the preferred supplier offering one-stop requirements of Warehouse Equipment, Builder Hardware, Hand Tools, Material Handling Equipments, Storage Racking, Household & MRO Products in Singapore & eventually expanding to regional countries in South East Asia.


In its quest for growth & repositiioning, Y K Toh Marketing (S) Pte Ltd has set its sights on two overall objectives.

  1. Involvement in expansion of current distribution networks in domestic as well as regional markets.
  2. Enhancing the product mix by emphasizing brands and niche products.


Y K Toh Marketing (S) Pte Ltd deals with three primary distribution channels. These channels include hardware retailers stores, department stores & regional distributions.

Y K Toh Marketing (S) Pte Ltd has a team of 40 sales staff offering daily services & visits according to a geographical location of 1,200 accounts in Singapore island wide.



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