The passion inside…
The worldwide success of BRAVI PLATFORMS as a producer of mobile platforms has very personal origins: it is deeply rooted in the history of the owner, Pierino Bravi, and in his deep knowledge of the installation sector.

Cycling toward success…
Pierino Bravi, born in 1957, began his career when he was very young and exuberant, venturing out in the field of cycling. His great strength, endurance, and tenacity of character led him to participate three times in the Giro d’Italia.

His spirit of sacrifice and the desire to do it, added to his great enthusiasm, drove his personal choices. This later led him to found his own company of drop ceiling, thermal and acoustic tiles, and insulation installations. The small installation company then became BRAVIISOL, founded by Bravi in 1980. By the early 90s, it was already one of the most important Italian companies in this sector. New challenges, new ideas Efficiency and productivity are a must in the BRAVI Company, but this was not always possible when it came to working at height. Tired of wasting time, energy and money to assemble, go up and down tower scaffolds and ladders, Bravi decided it was time to change the way of working. If the market does not offer suitable methods, the solution is simple: invent new ones!

A new world!
The reason for which they were designed, therefore, is at the origin of the uniqueness of the BRAVI products. The years dedicated to the development of products, the on-going selection of components and continuous listening to customers and their needs, did the rest. Machines were designed first with the end-user in mind, and then developed also for the demanding rental market. Today, the range of BRAVI platforms is characterized by versatile, robust, and extremely reliable machines, allowing the user to comfortably, easily, and safely handle a wide range of work applications.
BRAVI platforms: the simplicity that makes your life easier!


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