Problems that affect warehouse efficiency

Every product based business is bound to store their goods somewhere. It could be in-house warehouse or external warehouse. Usually warehouses are large plain buildings in industrial areas, cities, town, and villages. Warehouse is the central of one business core operations. So it’s important in planning, managing and building of the warehouse as it may cause the entire business chain to break which lead to incapacitating the business operations.

There is a few common warehouse management problems that commonly arise. First is redundancy, warehouse workers always had this problem where they repeatedly do the same task for 3 to 4 times. Nothing is efficient when repeating the same task. Example is warehouse worker will usually pass a ticket on to another, and another, and so on. By using barcoding system this redundancy can be overcome. This could reduce repetitive work in your process.

Human isn’t robots and can’t measure very detail without machines. Usually there is routes within the warehouse that is efficient to go through in the process of picking but they usually end up taking the wrong route. Once or twice it may not affect too much. But once accumulate down daily, it could lead to prolonged and increased order time and at the same time wear down and tired the worker.

Next is human factor too, pickers may not be aware of the location of key inventory. This issues will lead to drastic slowdown in warehouse operation. This can be overcome through a few way, like providing a training to new worker, or having a system that improve the pickers awareness of inventory. Always have them informed when there is changes in location taking place.

Another problem is the accuracy of the inventory. This mean that what is really in the inventory must be accurate or it would lead to additional job done by the picker to go search and later found there isn’t any more stock available. If there is shortage of product of heavily demanded items can drive customer dissatisfaction. This will hurt business with large orders and can’t be filled due to poor inventory accuracy.

Lastly which is also the most common and critical issues is the layout. Most of the warehouse is not optimize to the most efficient way depending of the layout. This is understandable as there is many types of racking and many things to consider when building the storage system and fitting to the warehouse layout and business needs.