Racking System Selection Guide

In Singapore, since there is so many types of pallet racking that is commonly used. It holds substantial amount of importance to gain knowledge involved in supporting the decision making of which type of pallet racking to use, in order to maximize profit, optimizing operation and space while lowering cost in both-short and long-run. There are a few things to consider before choosing a pallet racking for your storage system. To better access the need, analyse on business situation and on the product of storing itself.

First is to consider the nature of the business. Access what the business is about. If the business is in a fast moving consumer good business. Then this business will have a quick turn over in storage. Products will be restocked and go out very often. Then the storage system that suites this is a high accessibility racking system for example Selective Racking is the best choice for 100% accessibility at all time.

Now access the resources of the business. There is asset and human capital. Asset are refer to the space available for the storage, in short the size of the warehouse. Depending on the size of the warehouse there will be need for different suitable racking system. Eg: a small compound area but tall ceiling height. Then this could use Multiple-Tier Racking System. Other than the size, it is also to consider the machinery involved in handling the products. For instance if forklift, and a stacker, then the Racking System must have path for both this equipment to travel.

The layout of the warehouse also could lead to different Racking System selection, where some Racking System may not fit. Example is the Structural Steel Platform which need a certain amount of compound layout to meet the standard safety requirement.

Human capital is the human employed for the operation of the warehouse and equipment. Not to mention on the human resource part, they will need license to operate the material handling equipment under the Singapore law. Other than that, is to consider how many people will be involved in the warehouse operation. A few man team vs a complex team will have different issue to face in terms of operation and flow of the product.

Next is the nature of the product. Different products will have different needs to meet on the racking system. For example, pipes or tubes like storing. This type will need Cantilever Racking System for its storage. The weight of each pallet will also be part of the crucial information to decide which Racking System. Other than that, the density of the product in storage, and the size of the product is where certain product which is smaller in size while some is bigger. For instance high SKU business hardware hand tools product will be able to optimize by using Multi-Tier Racking System.

Taking everything into consideration, the selection key objective is to optimize the business operation in order to increase productivity, reduce cost, and optimize space, as every inch in warehouse is already calculated into your account book.

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