Simple Troubleshooting on Forklift for Beginners

In every business that runs with a warehouse, forklift is an important element of the whole operations. How it performs will result in time and effort it would take to accomplish many tasks. They contribute to the major performance of the warehouse. The breakdown or downtime of forklift is best at the lowest possible. So it is crucial for the anticipation of scheduling the forklift repair and servicing.

Since not everybody who operates forklifts is knowledgeable in servicing and repairing the forklift, so many forklift problem are often not solved until it is too late. This is a common and costly mistake. This article is for the sole purpose of providing simple guideline to notice the “sign” to diagnose forklift problems early and solve them before they become too costly.

Signs that can be identify by the operator or the owner of the forklift is through the Steering, Mast, and Starting-up of the forklift. There are as easy as explained below.

Common Mast sign of problems is when the Mast is not raising, lowering, too slow or difficulties when tilting or shifting. This usually derive from hydraulic fluid issues. Diagnosing this is as easy as checking the levels of the hydraulic fluid and making sure it is in the right amount. The lesser the amount off the hydraulic fluid, the harder the mast is to response to the movement controls of the operator, lesser precision.

Other than hydraulic fluid quantity it could also be the hydraulic pump filters is clogged with debris and requires cleaning. Anything other than clogging then a qualified forklift service provider will be needed.

Second often to happen problems is the steering of forklift. If it tends to stick or does not transmit directional change smoothly, this problem lies in the steering fluid transmission. A simple replacement of fluid or top up of fluid would be sufficient. It is safer to call a forklift service provider for this problem usually.

As for starting-up a forklift common problems lie in the battery. Check if the battery is in proper working condition and has it adequate charge. If the battery is not the source of the problem. The coolant will be your next target check if your coolant is sufficient. Overheating may result to the starting-up problems.