Why using BYD Forklift is the better choice?

The global industry has known a substantial evolution in the last century thanks to the continuous development of technology. Actually, a beneficial effect of this development is the genius innovation and creativity applied in the field of industrial transportation and particularly forklifts. Generally, manufacturers of heavy industry, as well as small businesses both need forklifts at work and always look for the most optimal options to reduce costs and eliminate risky effects. Fortunately, our company has come up with the bright idea of BYD Forklifts, the game changing forklifts that will solve all of these issues forever.

We must admit that the forklift as we know it today exposes workers and environment to collateral damages. That’s why, I will try to present several types of forklifts in this article and introduce you to the new generation of forklifts manufactured by BYD. 

What are the very first used forklifts in the world? What problems did they cause? What were the alternative solutions to fix these issues? How did BYD put an end to all of these terrible difficulties with its game changing forklift?

Don’t worry! We will be answering all these questions below, just keep scrolling to find out some of the most valuable pieces of information and recommendations from experts around the world.

Problems caused by Diesel forklifts:

Diesel forklifts are the main cause of different problems and they are considered as traditional machines which use a lot of energy and produce dangerous emissions. During the use of such forklifts, you will face many difficulties including: high costs of diesel in addition to the schedule conflicts due to the arrangement of its purchase and stocking. Besides, the cost of maintenance will significantly be higher on diesel engines as well as combustion discharges which will harmfully damage the environment. Moreover, I must mention the time loss caused by diesel forklifts, for example, if you forget to refuel or the engine breaks down, you will be in a serious problem and you will face a risk of operation downtime.

All these reasons make diesel forklifts completely inconvenient for modern industries especially those who look for expanding their business.

Problems caused by Lead Acid Battery Forklift:   

Another type of forklift is the lead acid battery ones that come with a totally new electrical engine concept in order to match today’s technology. More specifically, it has less negative effects than diesel forklifts. Yet, they still present disastrous impacts such as the long charging time it takes (more than 8 hours) without forgetting the lost time spent on maintaining the battery. Actually, the battery needs regular water refilling and unfortunately it has a very short life cycle (3 to 4 years). All of this and still not including the demanding costs of battery replacement and water.

Also, Lead Acid battery forklifts are another type of impractical machines in heavy industries because of the damage caused by the lead acid and the regular changing of water.

All these reasons stand for our strong argument to replace these traditional and out-of-date forklifts with ones that lead the marketplace and make doing business easy and comfortable.

Why BYD forklifts are the best on the market? 

Saving the best for last, I am pleased to introduce you to one of the rarest record breaking forklift. The one that will provide you with an astonishing performance – BYD forklift, the game changing forklift

This one of a kind machine is equipped with a BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate battery which is the perfect solution for energy loss problems because it is a very convenient option for needy manufacturers thanks to the different advantages it provides.

One of these key advantages is the cost saving asset, as this powerful battery does not need any maintenance or changing. It is literally the best investment in your life since the day you choose BYD forklifts.

The second advantage is the environment friendly material used for the construction of this product. If you use these game changing forklifts you will obviously notice the very low energy consumption and conservation. Actually, it needs only half of lead acid and a quarter of diesel energy to function perfectly. In addition, one hour of ultra-fast charging keeps the forklift on for 8 long hours. Not to mention the zero emissions of it as this was engineered to keep a clean and healthy environment.

Finally, I must mention the durability of BYD forklifts because its battery will last for 10 years with 80% remaining capacity in addition to the fact that it will stay clean forever and save to guarantee that the employee is not exposed to any type of medical dangers which means medical care. Besides, this will improve productivity and create awareness over the efficiency of the forklift.

BYD batteries are the ultimate solution for various activities

Batteries used on BYD forklifts are useful on many different activities in the industrial sector: it is recommended for single shifts because, when fully charged, it can fulfill its tasks within hours of work (ranging from 6 to 8 hours of continuous functioning). On the other hand, it works well for double shifts as it gets charged safely with no memory effect that will damage the machine or ruin its function.

As for the charging, it takes place in less than 2 hours unlike the old-fashioned charging that takes a lot of time and causes unwanted chemical consequences.

To finish off this interesting topic, the BYD forklift, which is definitely a game changing tool, it is mandatory to say that such product is not easily found anywhere, only BYD manufactures an appealing forklift that meets clients’ requirements as well as environmental demands. If you are serious about developing your industry, try purchasing this versatile forklift and you will never regret the stunning performance you will get.

Visit our company’s website to find out more about BYD forklifts and to have a better idea on one of the most innovative manufacturers in this field. All that is left for me to do is to wish you good luck on your choice!