MYSTAR is one of the leading brand for Racking and Shelving System in South East Asia, manufactured by Prestar Storage System Sdn. Bhd. under the Prestar Resource Bhd (Prestar Group) is a steel based company listed on the main board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. The production of the racking and shelving is in Rawang, Malaysia. So in short Mystar is a brand under Prestar Group.

The company had its vision to provide first class logistics solution for the warehouse, plant and office. Prestar is constantly designing and engineering new products through its Research and Development programme. Prestar has now one of the most complete range of quality storage and material handling equipment to cater to the wide spectrum of customers.

From convenient DIY and light duty shelving systems to medium and heavy duty racking systems, every component is designed with extreme detail and manufactured under strict quality control.

The manufacturing is sited on an 18 acres land in Rawang, Selangor, Prestar Storage System boasts of modern manufacturing facilities, the use of the certified steel and highly qualified workmanship in the production of these high precision products.

The research and development team consist of qualified engineers, professionals tool makers and designers are constantly in touch with the market’s changing demands and needs.

Products are designed with user’s comfort, safety, and business efficiency in mind. Load and usage tests of these products are done in actual operating conditions and environment, on a regular basis. 


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