Established in 1988 as a trading company specialising in building materials. Its aim was to develop and provide the building industry with quality materials such as fillers, paints, building chemicals, cement based products and a wide range of adhesives and sealants under the trade name of PYE.Although some of the Company's product lines were imported, most were contract manufactured locally. Within  2 1/2 years, the Company had established itself strongly in the market place with PYE brand products. 
The demand for PYE products grew tremendously and the Company decided to start small-scale manufacturing in October 1992, using leased machinery. With sales doubling yearly on a compound basis, PYE decided to build its  own factory in 1997 and introduced state of the art  machinery with higher efficiencies and capacities. PYE  is currently a leading manufacturer of D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself) products in Malaysia. The Company also supplies  specialized building and construction products to the building industry. Today,  most of the products are manufactured  by PYE locally with only a small number of items being imported from overseas.


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