Riza Soft Care
Skin care cream with moisturizing action for the restoration of the natural protective function of the skin.

Product Descriptions

Consumption: 0.5 - 1ml/use

For dry skin. Effective regeneration and moisturizing. Specially developed for dry skin subjected to occupational stress and bad weather conditions. Improved with Squalane -- a high quality component derived from vegetable oil. It enhances skin elasticity and prevents transepidermal water loss. Enhanced with almond oil and asparagus extract with a strong regenerating and moisturizing effect. 


Apply a little quantity of cream (0,5-1 ml) in circular motions on clean and dry hands at the end of the working day or as often, as needed. Pay special attention to areas between fingers and fingernails. Apply cream on body and face if necessary. 

Storage period:

30 months

Storage period once opened:

12 months

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