Riza Ultra Clean
Skin cleansing paste for removal of extra-heavy industrial contaminants.

Product Descriptions

Consumption: 1 - 2ml/use

Gentle and ultra–effective cleansing of extra–heavy industrial contaminants such as oil, cements, paints, grease, general dirt, bitumen, soot, graphite or carbon and metal dust, grime as well as nitro paints, nitrocellulose lacquers, printing dyes, glues, multicomponent products, polyester, epoxy resins, polyurethane. Additionally enhanced with sunflower seed oil, castor oil and rice oil that create a moisturizing, regenerating and antiocidant effect, which helps clean the skin.


Apply a little quantity of the paste (1-2 ml) on dirty hands and rub it thoroughly, paying special attention to the skin between fingers and around nails. Add a little of water and rub it again. Rinse it up. To continue work apply the protective cream of Riza series. Use the regenerating cream of Riza series at the end of working day.

Storage period:

30 months

Storage period once opened:

12 months

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